Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogs, are they a complusion?

I don't go to blogs all over the Internet. Too much to read and so little that I'm interested in. Still, the Bad Astronomer, authored by Dr. Phil Plait - you can find him over at this location: is almost addictive. He writes in clear and lucid prose and has hard core ideas on science.

Today he has written on Bender's Game. This is not science, but SciFi of a sort. For those of you not familiar with animated TV viewing, this is based on a collection of characters of odd appearance and actions. A lot of fun and slapstick comedy. It looks a lot like The Simpsons, also on TV. Now a lot of folks think that cartoons and animation is for kids. Not so! While a lot of TV cartoons are directed at kids, a few are really for adults(look to animated Manga as example). This particular cartoon has the silliness for kids, but the dialogue carries adult content. Not that it's x-rated, just deals in topic and referents that a kid would not understand. So, apparently a new movie of the cartoon is coming out, or is already out, whichever. I don't watch that particular cartoon program. I'm more a Simpsons and Sponge Bob Square Pants type. Well, I have grand daughters of an age who watch Sponge Bob and when they're over for the night or weekend, I watch a lot of Sponge Bob because they watch a lot of Sponge Bob. Truth told, I think Patrick Starfish is about the funniest and dumbest creature on earth. What makes him so funny to me is I know people like him. Some even sound like him sometimes.

And writing of the grand daughters, they will be over for tonight. Two of them have the day off from school tomorrow and the third has to go (different schools). I'll be getting up early to get the oldest off to school, like 5:30 getting up. She has to put on face and do hair and them we stop off for some sort of breakfast on the way. So, I guess I'll see a lot of Sponge Bob and maybe some Dora the Explorer and probably some of the living persons shows on Disney Channel. All a bunch of precocious, smart-arsed kids if you ask me. What? You didn't ask? Oh well. C U later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, little toe, my little toe.

OK, so my last blog was about my kicking the wall and breaking my toe. The wife said I should go to the doctor. She said the doctor would x-ray it. She said the doctor would tape my toe to my foot so it would heal correctly. I said, "No!" Being a man's man, I propped my foot up and toughed it out. After a couple of days I was able to walk with mild discomfort, and great care. I found that walking on the inside of the foot kept the pressure off the little toe. A couple of days later the brusing went away. Now, my toe is still tender and I have to be careful not to squeeze it, of bump it, or put pressure on it, but it's much better now. I'm walking in an almost normal way and it bothers me only after walking a LOT.

So, yesterday I was feeling around on it to see how tender it still was. Not too bad, if I'm careful not to twist it. See, the toe has a distinct outward twist. Whereas it used to fit up against the next toe nice and flush, now it sticks out just a little and has this 1/4 twist to the outside. I also have a hard bump on the joint right at the foot. I may go through my remaing life the proud possessor of a twisted tarsal, a faulty flexor digitorum brevis. Oh, how proudly I'll display it one and all.

OK, so now you're caught up on the toe. With any luck, in a few years I'll kick something with that foot again and maybe put the toe right. I'm not going out of my way to try you understand, but with my luck...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Step this way...

Let's see... this is Wednesday so, I guess I kicked the wall on Monday afternoon. I was barefoot and stepping around my wife to enter the bathroom. I kicked the wall right at the door edge. Caught it with my little toe and "ring-finger"toe (?) on my right foot. Kicked it real hard. Wife heard a crack and of course I let out a string of expletives vile enough to turn an angle in to green slime. Hobbled to the couch and set there in pain. A little later I took some Tylenol and put an ice pack on the area. Things started turning red and the pain leveled off at barely tolerable. Toe was very sensitive to touch or pressure so instead of going to bed later, I tried sleeping on the couch with my foot propped up on a foot stool. The couch is really a reasonable place to sleep. I do it a lot while watching TV. Sometimes I'll wake early - 5:30 AM - and sit down on the couch to watch TV and "run the net." I usually fall asleep for another hour or so. The couch and I are friends in that way. So Monday night/Tuesday morning I was there until about 3AM and decided I'd try the bed. Well, it turned out that the sheet and cover were not much pressure on the toe and I managed to sleep late into the morning. Got up about 7:30AM and discovered the toe was now purple and swollen somewhat. Walking was uncomfortable so I sat around with my foot up on the foot stool all day.

Now, here we are on Wednesday afternoon and I'm able to walk around with considerable ease but with a lot of caution. I may try to put on my sandals to see how that feels. Hope I can. It will be necessary later in the week. Wife is going south to the Rio Grande Valley to visit her father over the weekend. I'll be home alone. I'll get hungry. I'll need to go out to some eatery at least once over the weekend. It wouldn't bother me to go into someplace with only one shoe, and one bare foot, but places have rules about bare footed customers. And, the toe is not ugly but sorta odd looking. My toe is purple and twisted out a little. I don't know if the twist is from the swelling or maybe dislocated/broken toe. Time will tell I guess. If it all goes back into place like it was - laying flat against the other toe - then no problem. With my luck it will stay twisted out and be uncomfortable to walk and wear sandals (won't even think about shoes) for a long time. Oh well, lesson learned here: wear protective footwear all the time, or quit walking. If there is more sad tale to tell on this, I'll update.