Monday, June 9, 2008

The Day...

Spent the day at my daughter and son-in-law's house child-sitting. The two little girls are out of school now and both parents work so grandma and I go over and hang out until the adults come home. The girls are easy to sit with, they are quiet, play video games, watch TV or swim in the backyard pool. Can't let them stay in the pool too long as they would turn into swiveled, sun-burned prunes.

So, I was away from the computer all day. Oh, I could have taken my laptop and gone on-line through their wifi, but I took a book instead. Reading "Empire from Ashes" by David Weber. It's classic SciFi. Lot's of action, technology, human interest, good guys against bad guys...
All that you could ask for in a SciFi story. And Not one bit of Fantasy. Fantasy is a humbug.

Anyway, because of the child-sitting, I'll be away from the computer a lot during the days - maybe three or four week days a week - so blogging will have to wait until the evening. Since this shows up on the site, it must be evening. Yep! C U later.

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