Thursday, June 19, 2008


Global warming or not, South Texas can be very hot in the summer. Not as hot as Phoenix, but hot enough to keep me inside. Retired folks like me don't have to go out like poor working stiffs. Went out this mid-morning to do some chasing around - pricing new seat cover for my car, getting some new shirts, car wash, buying lotto tickets - and got back home before it really heated up. Now, at 20:48 Coordinated Universal Time (15:48CDT - 3:48PM) I'm sitting at my computer SWLing. Mid afternoons are a bitch for the lower freqs. A lot of man-made static from power lines, appliances, TVs, other computers - mine as well, and just general noise on the bands. Still, if one tunes around, one can almost always get Evangelical rants from well meaning, but greatly misled individuals who, I suspect really want our money and don't care about our souls.

One of the things I do about once a week on the sjortwave receiver is check with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Time) time check to see how far off my computer and wrist watch have drifted. The computer has a NIST program that will update the internal clock at a key stroke. The wrist watch must be set manually. I find my watch, a SEIKO, "Railroad Approved" model will drift off about one (1) second a month. Damn and Blast! Why can't I find a watch, at a reasonable price, with better time keeping abilities than that. There are many things in life that upset me, one is a watch that won't keep accurate time. Still, this is the best watch I've had for keeping time, I just wish it were better.

Here's a tip. Next time you are out, buy a bottle of "SoBe" soft drink in the Pina Collida flavor. Don't drink it all, save some for when you get home and pour some Rum, or Vodka, or whatever into the remaining portion. Not bad for home made.

OK, so that's it for now. C U later.

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