Saturday, June 7, 2008


Saturday morning and time to paint the front door. Weather forecast keeps trying to put rain - much needed rain - in the offing. If I sit on my arse and do not paint, it will not rain. If I paint, it will help bring rain. I'm torn between the two options. I need to paint the door as I mentioned in an earlier blog. And we certainly need the rain. We are now in the 6th worse drought in this part of Texas as counted from the start of '08. We had little rain in the fall season of '07 so the drought is compounded. On the other hand, if I paint and it rains, the yard will get much needed refreshment and the grass will grow. The lawn will green up and look nice and the wife will quit going on about watering the lawn. I just can't see wasting water on the lawn when we will be going into water rationing if the drought doesn't break. Plus, if the grass grows, it will need cutting. Guess who cuts the grass? OK, so the yard isn't very large. I can cut it in about 20 minutes, including edging and sweeping grass clippings off the sidewalk. The point here is my having to cut the grass. Waaaaaay back when I was a kid we had an old roter-bladed, push mower - the kind where the blades spin as a direct result of pushing the mower forward. Human power was what made it go and cut. I was the designated beast of burden to cut grass as a kid. As a result, I have a long abiding loathing of grass cutting. Oh, to be filthy rich and have yard people come in to tend that chore. I'd just as soon not have it rain so the grass will not grow. Wife thinks that's a horrible reason to extend a drought. Maybe so...

Well, it's coming up on 10AM, so I gues it's time to get up. Have to wash the door first. While that's drying, I'll find the paint pan and roller. I think I know where I left it. Hope everyone is happy with the new paint when it's finished. Catch ya later.

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Jabberwoky said...

Except that you did not mask any thing prior to painting, I think it looks great. The color matches fairly well and I beleive that it will Get the HOA off you r back.