Saturday, June 7, 2008


Right now, 23:00 CDT, Saturday night, Discovery / Science Channel is showing a program on the LHC and giving lots of background info on how and why the things learned from the LHC will be important. It's speaking of the macroverse and the microverse. We will learn about the observable edge of the universe, at something like 13 billion light years. So far back that the early galaxies don't look as they do now. They're ill formed blobs rather than neat spirals and ellipticals. Later in the program we learn the LHC may help us see even further back toward the singular event, or the "Big Bang." How? The LHC will smash protons together at near-light speed velocities and with greater energy than has ever been produced before. Energies approaching what may have existed at the bang, or billionths of a second after the expansion began. It may be that we are one side of a multiverse that snaps back and forth We will go from a low, nearly zero entropy state at the start of the universe to a high, nearly smooth entropy state when the universe burns out and all the energy is evenly distributed across the entire space/time. Just guessing here, but then it may snap to the other side of an imaginary membrane and produce another singularity.

When you read this, if you know anything about this, you may think I know what I'm talking about. Nope, not even. But, I read a lot and watch Discovery/Science Channel a lot and I have a small understanding of what is going on in the research of these questions of origin. Pardon me now, but I'm gonna concentrate on the program.