Friday, June 6, 2008

Getting busy...

Gotta get up and go chase chores. We live in an HOA (home owners association) directed development. The original colors on the houses and trim must be maintained. Well, I painted the front door a different color. The HOA hasn't come in the night with burning torches and chants of, "Burn the Monster," but they've let me know I need to repaint the door. I'll try to get the color close. The builder used paint from who-knows-where and finding the exact same shade/color will be difficult.

Still, it must be done, if for no other reason than domestic tranquility. While I'm out I guess I'll go by the drivers license office and get renewed. And the car needs washing (something else I'm not allowed to do in front of my house), and probably should stop and get a few groceries.

I'll tell you, being a "Gentleman of Leisure" sure keeps me busy. Be back for more drivel later.

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