Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Blog

I've been watching earthquakes around the world for some time. I go to a web site ( which shows events in near real time. Since the original quake in China back on May 12th, there has been large aftershocks measuring at least 4.0 every day in the immediate area of the original shock. The people in the area must be in a continual state of fear that another large shock will hit and undo all the recovery going on.

I've also noticed that the government seems to be responding to the needs on the people in building temporary housing, and very quickly, if news stories are to be believed. It may not be fair to compare them to our FEMA, but their response seems to be at least as quick and possibly better organized than FEMA. The advantage they have over us is there is only one government to provide the aid. We on the other hand, have several layers of government to wade through to get the aid to the people. If government agencies from local to state to federal are not in line politically, slowdown is inevitable. In China any local resistance is overcome by the central government with threats of severe, individual action against the resister. Here, we have to play patty-cake with everyone to get things done. Even within the Fed there is bickering and back-biting for favorable position. While we may have a slower to respond government, I much prefer it to the oppressive central, single government in China.

Still, ya gotta feel of the people in the devastated area, and wonder when the aftershocks will stop. Brings an interesting question to mind. How long after an original quake are additional shocks considered aftershocks and not a new "original" quake. The answer is probably out there on the net, and I may look it up later. We'll see...

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