Friday, June 27, 2008

Jesus and the Dinosaurs

OK, so I'm out there in the net casting around for odd and unusual stuff. Here's what I found. Before I go any further, I want you to know that I tried to research it, a little anyhow, and this was found here: Also take a look at and has a reference. Now, it seems to me to be a faked job of slamming religion, but with some of the fringe religionists out there...

Go to the flickr site and look at the picture and read the accompanying text. If this is real (the coloring book and the text) from someones church or group, it is the most veil and heinous of perversions of misinformation. I would think, and hope, that even the most serious of religious people would not accept this as "gospel." Surely the honest adult with at least a high school level of education would know that even by Creationists time lines for the world, that Jesus and dinosaurs did not co-exist. If Jesus did ride dinos, it would have been such a miracle that it would have appeared in several of the New Testament writings.

No, this is utterly laughable if it's intended to be a put-on. Not because of the comic content, but rather because of fact that some people might believe this. At the same time this is a most damnable piece of work for the fact that someone really might believe this. The ignorant among us will grasp onto any clap-trap put out by "religious" people. Note: "religious" people is meant to describe fringe people, money and power grubbers, flim-flam, itinerant, tent revival, ... descriptive words fail me.

This cartoon does bring out a couple of question. Let's suppose Jesus did ride some sort of dino. The type in the cartoon is some variety of raptor, presumably with a nasty habit of eating anything that moved. So, in order to effect control of such a beast, did Jesus use spurs? How about a saddle? If a saddle, was it a riding or roping saddle? Was it a fancy saddle or a rough and worn working saddle? Would he need to wear chaps? How about riding, or dogging boots? Could he break these critters to become working dinos? Oh, the questions abound, and no answers are forth coming.

Enough foolishness. I'm off to bed, perchance to dream of Jesus throwing a leg and riding out of the coral to round up some stray iguanodons. C U later.

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Derek Chatwood said...

You should explore the subject a bit more. On that Flickr page is a link to where the reference info came from (answers in genesis, Creationist Museum, etc) According to, dinosaurs were all herbavores, the whole meat-eating thing is a myth. That's how they got along on the Ark, apparently. At the Creationist Museum they have dinosaurs with saddles.

I wish I could make stuff like that up. All I can do is comment on it (I'm the artist of the satirical piece)