Thursday, June 26, 2008

History Channel = Hot Air

Last night I was watching TV and a program on the History Channel came on. It was trying to present the argument that the Bermuda Triangle and a small Black Hole are the same. I watched for a short while and realised that the program was some of the wildest, unproven, unscientific, clap-trap I had ever seen. They showed a man who had made a "magnetic anomaly" detector who then went out on a boat into the Bermuda Triangle to look for those anomalies. Sure enough, his device went off. Now the appearance of the device looked like something a middle-school teen would put together from Radio Shack supplies. It was hokie with painted on, diminishing sized circles spiraling out from the top of it in a crop circle sort of way. It was at that point that I cut away to watch something more based on reality, like wrestling (no, I didn't really watch wrestling).

I've noticed that the History Channel is showing more programs that are fringe-thinking. It's bad enough that they have resorted to ghosts and spirits and those who would find them with night vision devices. But, there should be some standard for a channel presenting historical fact and recreations of historical events. For them to jump off the deep end like this is disgusting.

If this sort of TV programing continues from them - and it probably will - I'll resort to watching Sponge Bob cartoons. At least that is openly foolish and not pretending to be based on reality. Just my cut on this. C U later.


Anonymous said...

It's really sad that the History Channel has to resort to shows from the fringe to gain ratings. I tune into the History Channel rather frequently as a bellwether from the other trash on TV. While watching the disappointingly short series called The Universe, it occurred to me that the channel has given far more airtime to the topic of UFOs than the topics of astronomy and human spaceflight combined. Given all the historians in America's universities, is it possible they can't find a story more compelling to the cable TV audience than a tired old retelling of some UFO crash by a bunch of crackpots?

Mena said...

IIRC, Canada wouldn't allow MTV to continue because they stopped having anything to do with music. Fox News took a fair while to get approved because it is usually wrong (I'm being charitable, they lie) and now that it's allowed, no one really wants it so cable companies don't carry it. Regulating these things is doable, but thanks to people like Colin Powell's son, not in the US.
I used to never watch the History Channel because it got overrun with garbage, but History International was good. Now that's getting to be all-Jesus-all-the-time with some woo thrown in so that's getting worthless too. It seems like the programmers at these channels think that all ancient people did was write the bible and then WWII happened. Yawn...
At least it isn't like A&E turning into the murder, mafia, and autopsies channel. Susan Smith killing her kids: art or entertainment? Zheesh.

Dr. Enthalpy said...

Don't forget that A&E has a wonderful new show out called Psychic Kids. And did anyone else notice that on Memorial Day, instead of playing some series of war-related shows, the History Channel instead aired a marathon of Monster Quest?

With all this nonsense, I'm glad TVLand put Hogan's Heroes in the lineup; at least it has more historical facts than the History Channel, these days.